Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Teaching My First Workshop!

I'm teaching my first workshop on October 13th, 10-4pm!
Check out the link below:

Animal Sculpture in Clay

"Learn the basics of solid form sculpting in terracotta clay, while drawing upon inspiration from real or imagined animals. Join Resident Artist Jennifer Koch, who is inspired in her own studio practice by a lifetime of working with animals, who will guide you in the creation of a figurine scale animal sculpture. Working with terracotta clay, you will learn basic sculpting techniques while trying to impart emotional content and presence into your piece. You will work first with solid clay, then if needed, by hollowing out the form begin to facilitate drying and preparation for firing. Finished works will be allowed to complete drying and be once fired in the Craft Centers kilns, available for pick-up three weeks after the workshop. Size is limited to figurine scale, due to the short duration of this workshop. Open to all levels of student, from beginning to advance."

Sign up! I can't teach it if no one takes the class! 

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