Sunday, July 1, 2012

BFA Show Images

Here are the images from my BFA show in May. In no particular order because I didn't feel like trying to figure out how to load them according to any theme.

Weaned 2011

Mulesing 2012

Babies Beget Babies 2012

Laura 2011

Anna 2011

(L-R) Lacy Taylor's blue girl, Judd Schiffman's sculptures, Christine Rebhunn's Wall piece and Paul Murray's Crowns

 Panels by Gina Elizabeth Guidi

(L-R) Sara Janoff's dress, Alecia Cahill's installation, my calf, Lacy's sculpture, Judd's drawings

(L-R) Sara Janoff, my two sculptures, Lindsey Viera's giant belt, two of Lacy's sculptures, two of Denise Sokolsky's textile pieces

Far back, Sara Janoff's textile piece

Jaclyn St. Laurent's jewelry

Jaclyn St. Laurent

(L-R) Lacy Taylor, Ge Yang, my mother and me

Me with Laura

Me and my brother, Christopher Koch, who did our show website!

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