Sunday, March 25, 2012


Finally finished the baby merino! She took such a long time since this was my first try at a lamb. And those folds! Oh my, what a tedious venture! But I love that kind of work.

Not perfect. I need to work on the skin looking more flexible. It looks to stiff for my liking. She was good practice for the next piece though. I'll be doing a baby scaling a fence/pedestal to reach her mom. The sheep will be a head mounted on the wall. My faces seem to be improving, slowly, but it's getting there.

I've had to scale my work down a bit since the kiln access is questionable at this point. I need to have work finished for my show by the end of April, so I can't count on getting the kiln I need. I plan on returning to large scale ASAP though. The following piece will be full scale momma sheep and a lamb being pulling away from each other by invisible hands.

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